Month: September 2017

The sky won’t drop pie, the venture is gotten quickly three ways of wind moneyLoneliness beyond the

1. Wang Cheng and Datablau

released version 1, but there are still many details need to be further optimized, including the interface and interaction needs to be improved; in addition to operation manual and other documents will continue to improve. It can be said that this year’s Spring Festival, Wang is busy in the past.

not in the hands of back and forth in the IT venue, meet and more VC can melt into the capital; not to think of many VC, All roads lead to Rome., there are always one or two will understand your business model.

to reiterate that the business model is very important! You must stand up to actual combat, not simply.

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Noble and love Shanghai baby drop method and deal with the right to handle

web site server is not because of someone else’s site was punished, I did an experiment to test the server is my own one, established above 200 with a top 2 of the corn domain and get 200 pornographic keywords, collected continuously every day to bring me 10W+ but 3 days later, Ip was K, while the server is accompanied by the above 80% other domain name was K and the remaining 20% of the domain name is right down.

love Shanghai right down is included: mass reduction, ranking decreased rapidly, often accompanied by K home page. The main performance is: the noble baby down the right site ranking is reduced, included stagnation, occasionally accompanied by the K page. read more

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How to view the site is K

special chain optimization:

this method is not very complicated, only need to enter in the search engine site:+ domain name, you can view the collection, and then through the link:+ domain name will be able to check the chain, see, if you find the site included page 0, outside chain number, so before the domain name must be K. But this method also has some limitations, when the site right down time, love Shanghai included only home page, it is very easy to be considered K.

is the most simple method, directly in the search engine input bar to view the site, if it is found that the query structure have included the domain name, and the use of site query and no one included, then it can be concluded that the site was K. read more

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Ning Zi the Shanghai dragon the simple analysis model to make money

2. do not easily promise: because the noble baby changing more and more quickly, so ranking floating degree is relatively large, so it is best not to give customers a blind commitment;


consulting > > analysis of customer web site > > > > service quotation; contract > > > > the advance payment; start the service > > > > effect; > > the remaining charge cost; ranking maintenance.

3. to stand in the comprehensive network marketing perspective to the customer’s site, only one of the website promotion method as the most noble baby ranking; " read more

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Love Shanghai make a good image can also bring a lot of traffic

Hello, I was the first time posting in the A5 Adsense online, before is, never write, now made a picture stand, a little experience to share these days do pictures of the station. No place please forgive. (now that may be more obvious station for picture)

1 love Shanghai image classification rules included:

I in this period of time in the test didn’t see much of the rules. Most of my pictures included size is 800*1200 and I think it is not much associated with image size. Because the picture is the basic station from other stations to collect content, so I want to make love Shanghai pictures included, please later acquisition and change the title description and keywords, do the picture can to slightly change the size, and then uploaded to the space, the basic can become online only pictures. If your site can also love Shanghai weight, love Shanghai pictures included in your picture, even if others collect your articles, love pictures in Shanghai generally do not included in other website pictures, even if included, a few days will be. read more

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What is the construction of the chain webmaster need to pay attention to

! content

and original content is the same difficulty, are time-consuming, if you have an easy job to do outside the chain, is not feeling unable to ensure there are inputs and output? Generally speaking, the more the chain difficulty coefficient is high, the more effect. Like Shanghai encyclopedia can make up absolutely worth hundreds of forum. There is high weight blog, local forum submission, can contribute the head of the forum, as long as you are good, it is the quality of the chain, great content how to rely on your own, this is difficult. read more

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The webmaster how to deal with the weight loss after modified template

website template, the spider to your site, the first reaction is not to know your station, if the site weight is not high, the spider come next time probability will be much smaller, if the weight of high standing, the spider is likely to give a small drop right site. In this case, the webmaster also don’t be afraid to do their own the chain is the most important. To increase the high quality of the chain to the site, the spider will follow the high quality of the chain to your site outside the chain to do more, the weight of the high, the spider will come up the frequency will. So don’t be afraid of the webmaster, reduce weight is not a problem, the problem is to do the chain weight high oneself, increase the weight to the website source. read more

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Microsoft will be launched Bing chain query tool

Of course,

also has some disadvantages, such as the display of the chain page Title, but does not display the anchor text, not according to the anchor text filtering does not know the anchor text of these links. A list of URL seems to only 200, this can be done by different filtration conditions to a certain extent to solve. More than 200 of the export of URL, but should also not all links included in Bing, certainly only to a part of. Since it is a Beta version, is expected to continue to improve. The Hermes belt 贵族宝贝gzpidai贵族宝贝 finishing, welcome to read more

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Website optimization analysis of some key problems should pay attention to the analysis of competito

The first

second, collection of web pages. One of the key factors of this point is also the site in the search engine weight I want to pay attention to, is the search engine web page included its acceptance of the site, generally we human factors is not interference, we can only do improve website weight, good website content is the key to improve the website. A website in Shanghai included included the number, the higher the weight, the degree of competition we want to go beyond what is more, this is all to concern. Is someone else and accumulated for days and months multiplying page collection, general small business station included not many, we spend energy and put more manpower, beyond the opponent is not impossible things, I just remind you according to your company’s strength and the effort to consider carefully. read more

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If I have to judge the value of the article

has a lot of people asked me, "Mr.Zhao, love Shanghai how to judge the original and false original? What is the love Shanghai love? What kind of articles such as access to the long tail word ranking and so on and so on the problem?. Faced with these problems, I often do not know how to answer. If I give a direction some answers, for example, should pay attention to the user experience, to make sense and so on, so the questioner will think I meet him, they often complain that these too vague. But I also didn’t give specific content, after all I am not love Shanghai, and I hedeheneng specific algorithm for you pointing Jiangshan read more

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Call time to raise public financial bondage 91 into 91 martyrs originator of financial transition tu

domestic founder of the rise and fall of all

named time to raise public projects such as culture, creative, intelligent hardware and other fields, in the teeth of the storm in 2013 is pushed to the intelligent hardware, so the overall adjustment, the division of time began to focus on intelligent hardware all aspects of services, pre transition to intelligent hardware platform, gradually deviated from the original purpose. Subsequently, millet as the representative of the rapid popularization of smart phones and so on, the intelligent hardware market is rapidly being carved up. In the middle and late 2014, the attention of calling time decreased gradually. read more

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The deep meaning of dialysis content is king let Shanghai dragon fly optimization


two: understand the true meaning of content is king, what should we do

: an analysis of the deep meaning of content is king

may be a lot of people may say, original content to the user is not the biggest help? The original is not without any problems? For this understanding, I think, can only be one-sided, because the original content is really to help users, it is necessary to test users, you may edit the original content, the time spent a lot, but for many users, it is thought to be spam, and for a a very hot topic, the solution is very important, you will probably come through the transfer, to provide users with a lot of help, therefore, to reprint content doesn’t have to be worse than the original! read more

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Adhere to the construction of the chain of three steps leads to traffic surge

chain is varied, but no matter how varied, also within the scope of the method. The construction of the chain to understand the method, but also to learn to. The following is the three step of the construction of the chain:

The construction method of the

is the author of the construction of the chain steps, then every day, our construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon specialist essential spirit is to persevere, to reach the other side of success. The following is the hair of the chain to achieve the effect of: read more

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Double flow, income growth, the first MIP reconstruction site noticed

[MIP origin: the loss of users from the website

3, November: MIP function upgrading and upgrading project added a total of 60 functions, December up to now has new and upgraded 62

in the VIP forum December 22nd held Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love Shanghai search announced: the whole network has a nearly 1 billion page 2800+ site completed the transformation of MIP, love Shanghai search guide to the MIP page flow has nearly 5000W, there are hundreds of millions of MIP pages from the love sea point out every day, and to have the transformation for the website, the website loading speed of at least 30% to enhance the flow of the different ranges of growth. In the activity, as one of the first to eat crab is one of the site’s technical director Li Qian asked Sina to share experience: after the transformation of the website loading speed increased by 2 times, from an average of 2 seconds to less than 500 milliseconds, the arrival rate is greatly improved, with the flow also increased by nearly 20%. Is the user that is really good. read more

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Analysis of social media for the Shanghai dragon four visual effects


2: personalized search results

or influence in the landing of the user, the user will not login by social signals to a lesser extent.

this point we can search engine Google and will be seen from the international, we can find that now Google and Bing will use social data to annotate their search results. The notes may be a thumbnail image or a text that shared the pages of an individual or a brand. As shown below.

we all know that social media will influence our Shanghai dragon, but how social media influence our Shanghai dragon which may be many webmaster? The issue is not clear. Although the specific effects of social signals of social media in the search engine ranking algorithm is still a mystery, but we can use some search engines to contact brought about by the expiration of a clear effect. The author will analysis the visual impact of all four social media bring to Shanghai dragon. read more

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The construction site six step new increase weight is not a dream (in)

a new six step "website construction to improve the weight is not a dream (on)" mainly on the basis of configuration related work site, that can effectively improve the layout and planning of the new website through a learning content, in the content mainly for the webmaster friends to explain how the site to reasonable from the external power to improve the weight of the website, through the rational planning of external power for the development assistance website, following into the subject. read more

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The chain number but not ideal website ranking analysis

third, the chain of correlation. With your link is website content with your website content, or is not related to the contents of the site, but links to related web content. Give a very simple example, a sale of computer network security website links to you is a very high weight website, but the contents of the link is on medicine, books, some not related connection pipe, this link for the website weight and website ranking increase will be bad the. The author suggested that as far as possible and their related industries. read more

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Reciprocal link is really so bad

finally, I want to remind you please.


remember another thing reciprocal links is that you don’t want too much. With about 10 links to other sites, you think your visitors will find interesting pages, seems to be very natural, if you link hundreds of reciprocal links, so I do not have to say, a lot of PR to update time will be reduced.

local gynecological hospital that really belongs to you, reciprocal links should be the medical and health category, the relationship with Shanghai to love the same type of station correlation algorithm is the same, love will give Shanghai a high correlation between the transfer site higher weights, the Google has a wonderful love Shanghai. read more

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The electricity supplier website operation how to improve the user experience

title and description contains the user interested keywords

many friends often love to put some weight on the homepage, and ignore the content of the page. Often there will be a lot of this website content page, not all visitors to browse, within a limited period of time so we will let visitors enter the site, to see their web page of interest. So, we’ll plan each page in the site at the beginning of the priority, especially products less sites, as much as possible so that visitors can easily see the page content high priority, here we discuss how to promote the highest priority of Shanghai dragon page. So we should be inspired, in the aspect of product planning, to attract visitors to enter the home page does not necessarily have to choose. We should take the position of deep excavations in the page, but always think as long as they can in the search engine to search the home page can be. But in fact, home may only suitable for those most common goals. The deeper and more specific pages tend to be more can help us to achieve the transformation, this time, if you put them as a landing page, visitors will find only in the specific search engine click once to access these pages and find what they want. read more

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Python unsupervised word extraction of Shanghai dragon how to quickly correct segmentation

tools are a word segmentation method based on element, need to assist the thesaurus.


left word collection: the amount of information entropy from the words left a word, such as "slap", "basic can only be used to slap", "slap", "clap", and "the past" of the word, the front can "walk", "ran", "climb", "the past", "muddle through", "sleep", "dead", "fly" and so on, the information entropy is very high. read more

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