The sky won’t drop pie, the venture is gotten quickly three ways of wind moneyLoneliness beyond the

The sky won’t drop pie, the venture is gotten quickly three ways of wind moneyLoneliness beyond the

1. Wang Cheng and Datablau

released version 1, but there are still many details need to be further optimized, including the interface and interaction needs to be improved; in addition to operation manual and other documents will continue to improve. It can be said that this year’s Spring Festival, Wang is busy in the past.

not in the hands of back and forth in the IT venue, meet and more VC can melt into the capital; not to think of many VC, All roads lead to Rome., there are always one or two will understand your business model.

to reiterate that the business model is very important! You must stand up to actual combat, not simply.

just the past Spring Festival holiday, for all entrepreneurs are undoubtedly luxurious. Perhaps Beijing entrepreneurs do not squeeze home during the Spring Festival, but in the 7 day holiday, work is still their normal. After the Spring Festival, visited three Beijing entrepreneurs who had already reported and talked about their year.

for a long time, "Beijing people" image in the hearts of the masses, often with a cage carrying bird "Beijing man" appearance. Whether it is a costume dressed like a lord Beller, son son big hurdles vest or underpants, the people of Beijing have been dubbed "dawdle", "careless and casual" these negative adjectives. The best portrayal, perhaps is now popular network of "Beijing paralysis" Ge Youtang.

at present, Datablau has officially released the 1 version, and has included eBay, national grid, smart city north and dozens of customers through the trial, different services for their data source, so that enterprises can enhance the efficiency of business operations by using the data of asset value.

"are you from Beijing? It’s very kind of you.". Home in Beijing have a house and a car every day as we desperately not happy."

March 2016, Wang Chengxi may. Now, when the baby is under age, it’s time for parents to toil. During the Spring Festival, the nanny in the family went back to Sichuan

Big data companies two days ago just

can’t deny huangchenggener living in Beijing, whether the family environment or resources, it does have certain advantages compared to beijing. This congenital advantage magnifies some people’s laziness and gradually makes the public equate "no progress" with those in Beijing. Even in the venture capital circle, rumors some investors made it clear that "do not vote for Beijing people."". However, this attitude does not represent all the people of Beijing, especially the entrepreneurs in Beijing.

and so on, these are the words I often hear when I’m a native of Beijing.

hunting cloud network reported the analysis of project Datablau, its founder Wang Cheng is a native of Beijing man. His work history is very simple and clear. It is a representative of excellence. Since joining CA in 2006, he has been in charge of ERwin’s global research and development. In 2016, leaving CA to start his own business was in fact the continuation and development of his previous work.


"are you from Beijing? It’s very kind of you.". Home is here, the new year, do not like us to grab tickets to catch the Spring Festival home, how happy."

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