Noble and love Shanghai baby drop method and deal with the right to handle

Noble and love Shanghai baby drop method and deal with the right to handle

web site server is not because of someone else’s site was punished, I did an experiment to test the server is my own one, established above 200 with a top 2 of the corn domain and get 200 pornographic keywords, collected continuously every day to bring me 10W+ but 3 days later, Ip was K, while the server is accompanied by the above 80% other domain name was K and the remaining 20% of the domain name is right down.

love Shanghai right down is included: mass reduction, ranking decreased rapidly, often accompanied by K home page. The main performance is: the noble baby down the right site ranking is reduced, included stagnation, occasionally accompanied by the K page.

website content is not by some stations were reproduced and did not indicate the source. In this case we may not pay much attention, sometimes not because of your content high repetition and drop right, but because some of the articles on your website is portal or some large site article and give you the right down, this is the love of Shanghai’s own weight of the original judgment ability and your site that is very difficult to solve, can go to love Shanghai to search for the title of the article to see.


website how long? How long included? If the new station has just been included, what also do not move, because this time may not be right down, is subject to a new "special treatment", don’t worry, keep updating, the stability of the chain, but also to check the two possible, if any if new sites have removed as soon as possible, these two things are not good.

most recently asked the same question in Shanghai Dragon Consulting, why the site included reducing, ranking keywords are not there before, the website was drop right, right down the website how to solve and so on, so the love of Shanghai and noble treasure for different treatment and response to reduced right:

check whether the site has pop, Trojan horse, and after being hacked up others website contact links, links to the recessive >

The main manifestations of

website Links whether there have adverse Links, we actually have this problem may be encountered, without their own problems but what site is down right, this time to check your Links, one is to check these links page is what place, what is the IP address of the IP the address is not punished, if any, removed as soon as possible.

solution for the love Shanghai right down: I personally test has done several feasible methods but has a certain risk, we adjusted as appropriate. Check whether the site used alt, especially logo on whether or not to use the keyword ALT tags, if any, remove. The website is using a H1 label, in addition to the natural definition of blog system H1 label, any web site to avoid the use of H1, if the site is down right, H1 tab.

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