Ning Zi the Shanghai dragon the simple analysis model to make money

Ning Zi the Shanghai dragon the simple analysis model to make money

2. do not easily promise: because the noble baby changing more and more quickly, so ranking floating degree is relatively large, so it is best not to give customers a blind commitment;


consulting > > analysis of customer web site > > > > service quotation; contract > > > > the advance payment; start the service > > > > effect; > > the remaining charge cost; ranking maintenance.

3. to stand in the comprehensive network marketing perspective to the customer’s site, only one of the website promotion method as the most noble baby ranking; "

Ning Zi learned that most of the domestic Er Shanghai dragon is the use of this model to make money. Through the clock profit model, if done well, the monthly income of tens of thousands is basically no problem, for the website optimization ranking companies in general, service cost about 3000 – 20000. As long as you are skilled in Shanghai Dragon technology, you only need a customer service cost optimization, it can be exchanged for 6 to 40 times the return. Most of the sites China paralyzed, many company’s website is even more so, waiting for you to optimize, improve, as long as you are careful, this customer is Everfount.

1. price analysis: marketing analysis based website, reasonable judgment that through their Shanghai Longfeng strategies to make the customer site to marketing effect. To stand in the customer perspective to consider, try to make the benefits of customers through the network, not only for ranking and ranking;

: a model for enterprise website optimization ranking.


is remembered in Shanghai dragon just learning soon, I heard a Daniel said in the forum, he what, as long as make money is a good bird, not to earn money, Everything is nothing, is bullshit. Oh, although this sentence is a bit extreme, but not unreasonable. Ning Zi believes that everyone is to himself can earn money, earn money is the hard truth, to prove his ability.

we do Shanghai dragon is even more, but the word is relatively broad understanding of Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai Dragon technology to make money more, and even can be said to be a bit of a mess, the novice often do not know how to start. Of course, this does not blame us, now the Internet is flooded with too much is also uneven tutorial. Sometimes it is easy to novice halo, we learn to a certain Shanghai dragon related knowledge, how to use the Shanghai Dragon technology has brought us profit? What is the specific method of profit? Don’t worry, Ning Zi to you today about the analysis, several models at present Shanghai dragon money.

1, analysis of the Note:

2, service process:


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