Love Shanghai make a good image can also bring a lot of traffic

Love Shanghai make a good image can also bring a lot of traffic

Hello, I was the first time posting in the A5 Adsense online, before is, never write, now made a picture stand, a little experience to share these days do pictures of the station. No place please forgive. (now that may be more obvious station for picture)

1 love Shanghai image classification rules included:

I in this period of time in the test didn’t see much of the rules. Most of my pictures included size is 800*1200 and I think it is not much associated with image size. Because the picture is the basic station from other stations to collect content, so I want to make love Shanghai pictures included, please later acquisition and change the title description and keywords, do the picture can to slightly change the size, and then uploaded to the space, the basic can become online only pictures. If your site can also love Shanghai weight, love Shanghai pictures included in your picture, even if others collect your articles, love pictures in Shanghai generally do not included in other website pictures, even if included, a few days will be.


small picture: a picture of the length is less than or equal to 240 pixel photos

2 love Shanghai pictures included size

pictures: pictures between the longest side of between 200 to 640 pixel image

We all know that

I was in December last year started the picture station, because it is the picture station for the first time, so much experience is not only in the study, and also the edge edge with website. Once in a while, I found that my website picture is love Shanghai pictures included a dozen, then there is not much attention, but one day found the site traffic surge, only to find the basic flow is from love Shanghai. This discovery makes me suddenly very excited. Then I will search experience included articles about love Shanghai. From which I learned a lot of useful things. Following the experience I have to share.

how do popular word can be loved Shanghai pictures, such as a star of the picture is now more popular, generally write XXX star image are all included. I’ll need to transform it. Such as "XXXX star makeup photos at home" and so on. In the title and keywords must pay attention to the relationship between primary and secondary, and note the smoothness and the title of popular.

big picture: picture the longest side of greater than or equal to 640 pixel photos

love Shanghai. But now a lot of classification, or that a few more popular. The flow is generally made popular keywords, so is love Shanghai pictures, every day there will be a lot of pictures of the update, the spider is very love Shanghai love to capture resources in these hot. For new sites, if we can effectively use this platform for long construction is a key ring.

I don’t think much, see a lot of people who love Shanghai pictures included the size of the picture on the Internet such as:

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