What is the construction of the chain webmaster need to pay attention to

What is the construction of the chain webmaster need to pay attention to

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and original content is the same difficulty, are time-consuming, if you have an easy job to do outside the chain, is not feeling unable to ensure there are inputs and output? Generally speaking, the more the chain difficulty coefficient is high, the more effect. Like Shanghai encyclopedia can make up absolutely worth hundreds of forum. There is high weight blog, local forum submission, can contribute the head of the forum, as long as you are good, it is the quality of the chain, great content how to rely on your own, this is difficult.

webmaster friends all know that the chain is an important tool for website ranking, the chain rich website can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, rankings are very good results. The vast majority of the webmaster should be very hate the chain, don’t hate the chain of people basically belong to a website profit, they also understand the basic chain construction principle, in fact, is that some after all is said and done, everybody knows. I have to talk about their own views of the construction of the chain today.

comes down to the above three points is the content of the problem, I want to say is to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, you must learn to write things, regardless of what you have to overcome the difficulties, I believe that this is the future of Shanghai dragon industry development trends, the reality is that you can’t change it, to adapt to it.

we all know that the chain do it naturally, this chain effect is quite good, is your original article is very attractive, the equivalent of linkbait, induced a large number of users reprint your article, and even caused the famous news station that you can send attention. Because it is not the webmaster editor was born in operation are its basic pseudo original articles, and reproduced, so the effect is very general.

, the chain difficulty is to do

three, see Shanghai dragon team in how to optimize

this article is only a security net weight 贵族宝贝myaqjf贵族宝贝 webmaster personal point of view, not the whole letter, please keep the source, thank you

The quality of the chain should be

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team has a special editor every day around the keyword creation article, this is why Shanghai dragon team than personal webmaster optimization important reason for high efficiency, such as resources, other relationships can cultivate it, but the original content, how to do? Money is written, too unrealistic.

two, the attractiveness of

In fact,

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