The webmaster how to deal with the weight loss after modified template

The webmaster how to deal with the weight loss after modified template

website template, the spider to your site, the first reaction is not to know your station, if the site weight is not high, the spider come next time probability will be much smaller, if the weight of high standing, the spider is likely to give a small drop right site. In this case, the webmaster also don’t be afraid to do their own the chain is the most important. To increase the high quality of the chain to the site, the spider will follow the high quality of the chain to your site outside the chain to do more, the weight of the high, the spider will come up the frequency will. So don’t be afraid of the webmaster, reduce weight is not a problem, the problem is to do the chain weight high oneself, increase the weight to the website source.

second: do not easily change the structure of the website

for the search engine love website page structure, change in the template, the inside pages do not change the site structure as far as possible. Those who are not in the search engine page can love try to replace the structure, make the search engine to know a new thing, maybe it is good for collection. The site in the revision process, try to use Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, the code of the website construction are also considered to optimize the knowledge, CSS try to call an external style sheet, the H1 of the website, are optimized to the H2 label, which is more conducive to the site included. The site in the revision is completed, can be like a search engine submission site map. The different methods of search engine submission is different, this is not to say.

third: the need to increase the site outside the chain of high quality

: first do a one-time modify site title

no matter what kind of website, the significance is very important, the website, the spider did not know it to your site, if not what high quality content for it, it is estimated that the next time will not come. Whether the search engine or users will love something original, had a few bad impression on you, then do not high quality stuff to lure it, then don’t expect it to.

template? The

webmaster friends every day of their website and troubles with the website template is in line with the user’s love, whether can attract the spider crawling. Attention to the webmaster Kedeng may find the website template by the blogger changed face blog revision, the weight of the website may decrease, the Kedeng webmaster should how to deal with the weight loss after

The original content of high quality

website template to change the title, it will affect the search engines is positive, what should we do to make the smallest impact? In the website template, prior to the adjustment for a good template, template can be, not continuous for several times, so that the search engine can not adaptation. There is a title change, before replacement should also advance description keywords, try to make the site keywords one-time can change, let search engine to adapt to the new keywords you, which is the premise.

fourth: the need to increase the high quality of the original

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