Microsoft will be launched Bing chain query tool

Microsoft will be launched Bing chain query tool

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also has some disadvantages, such as the display of the chain page Title, but does not display the anchor text, not according to the anchor text filtering does not know the anchor text of these links. A list of URL seems to only 200, this can be done by different filtration conditions to a certain extent to solve. More than 200 of the export of URL, but should also not all links included in Bing, certainly only to a part of. Since it is a Beta version, is expected to continue to improve. The Hermes belt 贵族宝贝gzpidai贵族宝贝 finishing, welcome to

Yahoo Site Explorer since last November to close after we have no way to query the chain search engine included the site of the others. Although there are 3, 4 chain query business tool, but not directly search engine query database. Yahoo! The development in recent years is a complete tragedy, had abandoned the search business, so don’t think that working in large companies than we ordinary people where to go high, including the level of CEO Yahoo. Fortunately, Bing took Yahoo! Search business now launched a similar Yahoo! Site Explorer or it can be said that the chain better query tool, directly on the Bing Webmaster Tools: 贵族宝贝bing贵族宝贝/toolbox/webmaster. The webmaster tools have noble baby outside the chain of data, but only to see their own website, the Bing can query any site outside the chain, but also increase the function according to the anchor text filtering, this is very useful. The following figure, you can click on the map to see the big picture.

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