Website optimization analysis of some key problems should pay attention to the analysis of competito

Website optimization analysis of some key problems should pay attention to the analysis of competito

The first

second, collection of web pages. One of the key factors of this point is also the site in the search engine weight I want to pay attention to, is the search engine web page included its acceptance of the site, generally we human factors is not interference, we can only do improve website weight, good website content is the key to improve the website. A website in Shanghai included included the number, the higher the weight, the degree of competition we want to go beyond what is more, this is all to concern. Is someone else and accumulated for days and months multiplying page collection, general small business station included not many, we spend energy and put more manpower, beyond the opponent is not impossible things, I just remind you according to your company’s strength and the effort to consider carefully.

third, website external links. The author will discuss this, a lot of friends of the opponent when a look at the other site outside thousands, scared myself suddenly at a loss, actually this is the number of outreach, consider one of the key factors, often outside quality is our concern, a few thousand outreach sites, if all these connections from BBS signature, blog outreach and so on the low quality of the platform, we are secretly delighted, beyond its not difficult, as long as the addition of high quality related to web site we step by step, increase the original content to be continued, "

, domain name age. This is the key point is also very important, the website domain name age longer exists, if the site does not take the black approach, the domain name weight is self-evident, a very old domain name, whether it is the degree of trust in the rankings or in the search engine are has good competitive advantage, the I have a deep feeling, the peer its outreach is only more than 1000, only a few hundred articles, but its content is updated from time to time has been firmly established as Shanghai love home, although I now have to transcend it, but a lot of outreach 10000 behind the website, the content is updated every day is difficult to match, visible search engine the degree of importance for the domain name, so the competition of corn in more than 10 years. If we are to go beyond the new corn, he would seriously consider the company now There are resources and company website, this point please.

as everyone knows our website in the optimization process, regardless of whether you choose keywords and is beyond our competitors on the basis of the existing work, the basic work first of all we have to do is analysis of our competitors, only in-depth understanding of each other can have a needle to do analysis problems, according to the consideration of the existing strength of his own company catch up with and surpass each other, the so-called enemy awareness, then how do we study the comprehensive strength of each other? We must pay attention to several points ahead of the competition and analysis of those? Well we gossip short continued to enter today’s theme, analysis of several points of competitors, we must pay attention to the website.

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