If I have to judge the value of the article

If I have to judge the value of the article

has a lot of people asked me, "Mr.Zhao, love Shanghai how to judge the original and false original? What is the love Shanghai love? What kind of articles such as access to the long tail word ranking and so on and so on the problem?. Faced with these problems, I often do not know how to answer. If I give a direction some answers, for example, should pay attention to the user experience, to make sense and so on, so the questioner will think I meet him, they often complain that these too vague. But I also didn’t give specific content, after all I am not love Shanghai, and I hedeheneng specific algorithm for you pointing Jiangshan

, I would love what this? I will love my users love article, if want to add criteria, that there are two kinds: 1. original and user love. 2. original and non users love. Here, my attitude is very obvious, pseudo original is original. So what kind of users love this? Obviously, some new ideas and new knowledge is often users love, that is usually the original article is users love, and even if the user does not love, making the original sites as fresh content, should also be protected. Then the non original article users don’t love? Of course not. Some of the sites, the content is often collected after polymerization, then the site for users is valuable, the corresponding article should get good rankings.

If I were

is here, I want to declare that this series of articles, all related to ideas, algorithms and procedures are not written by me, all is I from some public data was collected in the. At the same time, I believe we can understand, if these things are free to do so, then the business, well, now.


so, I began to write the "I" series of articles. In this series of articles, I suppose if I struggled to provide better services for users to search, what I’ll do, I’ll do the content, how to treat the chain, how to deal with the elements of the site structure and so on and so on the site. Of course, my limited skills, I can only write a little I understand something a little. Love Shanghai and other commercial search engines, they have a lot of than my talents, believe that their algorithm and the way of dealing with problems will improve a lot better than I, and the reason why I write these, nothing more, I hope to see everyone, have a heart around. After all, through a period of time in Shanghai Longfeng Road, who can not when one of the teachers, some views for reference only.

thus, I need to pay attention to two kinds of articles can be. One is the original article, two is the valuable information site under article. First of all to make it clear that the scope of this paper is limited to the content page, rather than a special page, list page and home page.

then I before the screening of these two types of articles, I need to go through the information collection. This paper for spider>

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